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Orthodontics FAQ

Q. How much do you charge for an orthodontic consultation?
A. An orthodontic consultation with us is free of charge.

Q. How long will I have to wear my braces for?
A. Every single patient is unique, all cases are different. Typically each case takes a minimum 18 months.

Q. Do you do tooth coloured brackets?
A. Yes, we do provide tooth coloured brackets, however this is not suitable for all patients.

Q. Do you do coloured elastics?
A. Yes, please state to Akram at each visit if you want a specific colour elastic on your braces.

Q. If I just get upper or lower braces is it half price?
A. No, unfortunately chair time is still the same if you have just one set of braces. While it is cheaper to just have one set of braces it is not half price.

Q. Do I still need to have check-ups while I have my braces on?
A. Absolutely, we recommend six monthly check ups.

Q. How often will I need to see Akram?
A. Typically every 6-8 weeks.

Q. At what age should one attend for a consultation?
A. At any age. We see patients of all ages, however, the earlier that a patient first presents to us often the less complicated treatment may be.

Q.Is there parking on your premises?
A. Yes there is parking outside.

Q. What is a retainer?
A. Retainers are usually a thin clear appliance that is made post treatment for maximum retention. Initially our patients wear their retainer’s full time and are gradually reduced to night time wear only as prescribed by Dr. Elhadi.

Q. Will my teeth move if I don't wear my retainer?
A. Yes! We cannot stress the importance of wearing your retainer.

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